"The Knights Looked Slick With The Football ... Kalyn Ponga Was Electric"

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"The Knights Looked Slick With The Football ... Kalyn Ponga Was Electric"

Just 66 days following Australia's World Cup Final win over England, Rugby League was back in action with the first trial-game of 2018 taking place between the Storm and the Knights in Melbourne.

Played behind closed doors, the Knights defeated the reigning Premiers, on the siren, 26-22 in 38 degree summer heat. 

Triple M Grill Team's Matty Johns, spoke to an insider who was at the game yesterday and detailed how the Knights have already grown their attack, with a few key additions to the squad. 

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"I spoke to someone who was at the game last night, he said from a Newcastle Knights point-of-view they look very very slick with the football, very fast," Matty said.

"In particular Kalyn Ponga was electric, now that's a great sign.

"Newcastle in previous years have been able to graft but they haven't been able to really get there attack going. 

"The thing about it is - you need to engage in arm wrestle, I get that ... You need to win the yardage game, I get that ... You need to defend good, absolutely. 

"But it's your attack that gives you arrogance and confidence, the ability to score points is the thing that gives you that strut and gets you into the top eight, it has always been my opinion.

"It's no good if you win the yardage game and you're really good at getting down to the opposition 20 and then you get there and you're firing blanks.

"Knights yesterday, I was told they looked great with the football. Ponga was electric and really importantly the relationship between Mitchell Pearce and Kalyn Ponga was very very good in their first outing."