'Their Names Should Be Stamped "Never To Play Origin Again"'

MG blows up.

'Their Names Should Be Stamped "Never To Play Origin Again"'

Speaking on the Triple M Grill Team, MG has said that the NSW Origin drinking scandal involving Josh Dugan and Blake Ferguson should see them blacklisted from future Origin involvement.

"You'd think that a few of the players in this current crop would have their name stamped never to play Origin again," MG said.

"Dugan and Ferguson would be in doubt given everything that's happened, as well as other blokes on the peripheral."

Laurie Daley appeared on Fox Sports' NRL 360 and revealed that he was not aware of his players' intentions to go out for the now-infamous 8-hour session at the pub.

Matty Johns said they way Daley handled himself on the show was indicative of his disappointment.

"I was thinking, does Laurie feel like he's been let down by Ferguson and Dugan? And last night confirmed, yes he has," Matty said.

"He didn't completely throw them under the bus, but he did come out and say that if they'd asked him on the Friday to go out for a few beers, he would've said no.

"That's what we've learned: he did feel let down."