There Are Now 3 Clubs After Cooper Cronk For Next Year

Who's the favourite?

There Are Now 3 Clubs After Cooper Cronk For Next Year

The race for Cooper Cronk’s signature has heated up again with two new clubs joining in the pursuit of Cronk’s services for next season.

It was looking like a one horse race and the Roosters were favourites after the Rabbitohs pulled out last week.

But this morning The Daily Telegraph revealed that there are two more clubs vying for Cronk, the Eels and the Sharks.

"I think the fact he bought a house at Mosman.. the chances are the Roosters will get him" said MG “But the Sharks wouldn’t have to shed any players to get him, they played $1 million under the salary cap this season. Plus Parramatta have lost Semi Radradra freeing up a lot of money.” 

"The Sharks and Parramatta you can see both those clubs being successful over the next couple of years which is exactly what Cronk is after." said Gus Worland. "Life after football for him will be easier with the contacts and people he will meet through the roosters board."

After original talk of Pearce or Friend having to make way for Cronk, the Roosters came out over the weekend and said both will stay and instead Nikorema will have to go freeing up the $350,000 that the Roosters need for Cronk.