Titans Coach Garth Brennan Responds To The Jarryd Hayne Exit Rumours

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Titans Coach Garth Brennan Responds To The Jarryd Hayne Exit Rumours Getty Images

Newly appointed Gold Coast Titans coach told the Triple M Grill Team it was news to him that marquee signing Jarryd Hayne wants to leave the club. 

"It's news to me," Brennan told the Grill Team. Listen to the audio below. 

"The text messages I've exchanged with Jarryd since he's been at World Cup camp have all been positive towards the Gold Coast.

"It was certainly news to me and Hayden Knowles who is close to Jarryd, who is now part of my physical performance team, it was news to him as well."

Brennan was then questioned on if he would stand in Hayne's way if he indeed did want out of the club. 

"I'd weigh it all up, at the end of the day I've got to do what's best for the Gold Coast Titans.

"But I've said all along I care about my players and if there's an issue with Jarryd or a family problem or something behind the scenes that I'm unaware of ... at the end of the day I care about my players.

"I really believe if a player doesn't want to be at your club or is unhappy off the field, he's not going to play well for you on the field. 

"I'd love to sit down with Jarryd and find out exactly what is going on, see if I can help him off the field if there is an issue.

"End of the day I would make the right decision for the Gold Coast Titans but Jarryd's welfare would certainly come into it as well."  

Listen to The Grill Team's full chat with Titans coach Garth Brennan below.