Triple M's Best Of 2017: The Top 10 Grill Team Stories Of The Year

Do you remember them all?

Triple M's Best Of 2017: The Top 10 Grill Team Stories Of The Year The Grill Team

In between the laughs, the jokes and the pranks, the Grill Team had quite a year for stories. We've rounded up the top 10 most-read Grill Team articles of 2017; do you remember them all?

10. Reports Queensland selectors will do the unthinkable

MG weighed in on rumours that Queensland selectors may not be putting in Slater and Hess for Game II of Origin.

9. Triple M's Richard Freedman's tips for the Melbourne Cup

Emma's uncle Richard Freedman is racing royalty and, since he picked the top four in 2016, seemed the perfect person to ask for tips for the 2017 Melbourne Cup. How'd he do?

8. Reports Will Chambers has inked a deal with the Roosters

Matty Johns had a couple of things to say about reports that Will Chambers was leaving the Storm.

7. Emma Freedman responds to Sports Sunday controversy

After copping a ton of comments on social media for a discussion on Sports Sunday, Freo hit back at accusations she was "shaming" or "blaming" the girl in question.

6. Grant Denyer banned from the Grill Team

But what did the "cheeky bastard" do to get himself banned? Have a listen back.

5. "Sterlo goes berserk and he's just giving it to Chief!"

Matty Johns caught up with his old mate Paul "Chief" Harragon and was reminded of a few stories that had him "crying with laughter".

4. Matty Johns says after 10 years he's got his brother back

Matty was referring to his brother, Andrew Johns' scathing assessment of the Blues loss in Game II, and how good it was to see him talking straight from the heart.

3. Reports a couple of Blues players were out on the drink before Origin decider

Gus wasn't holding back when asked about two Blues players taking off to the pub right before Game III.

2. This is the most AWKWARD interview you will ever hear

Tziporah Malkah joined the Grill Team for a debrief on her time in the jungle and it was... interesting? Listen back to THE most hilariously awkward interview you'll hear this year.

1. Reports the Jack Bird deal may come undone

 Matty Johns had the inside scoop.

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