"We Need To Copy Queensland's Culture"

As hard as that is to say

"We Need To Copy Queensland's Culture"

Stories have been leaking out NSW Blues camp including Anthony Fifita's refusal to be benched, as well as Josh Dugan and Blake Ferguson leaving leaving Blues camp and travelling 80kms to spend all afternoon at a pub.

There was no suggestion that they caused any trouble, but it speaks volumes for the culture inside the NSW Blues camp.

The Triple M Grill Team's MG has made the bold claim that "We need to copy Queensland's culture"

Matty Johns points out that Blake Ferguson went away on the Kangaroo tour, led by Cam Smith and the strong Queensland culture, and was named the player of the series. Then suddenly he is back with the NSW camp and lapses again.

"At this level of professional sport the outcome that you are going to get is dictated by your preparation... NSW's preparation looks like its been a two out of ten." said Matty Johns

Listen to Matty Johns and MG's take on Dugan and Ferguson below.