Which Sydney NRL Team Has To Go

The Grill Team has its say

Which Sydney NRL Team Has To Go

The Daily Telegraph's Buzz Rothfield has come out recently and said that the NRL needs to scrap a team in Sydney, and that it needs to be the West Tigers.

In response the Triple M Grill team's Matty Johns has said

"Not unless  one of these clubs becomes absolutely dead broke. They can't. If you get rid of the West Tigers you lose West Magpies fans and you lose Balmain Tigers fans. They've got a huge membership and a lot of support."

Adding "I just look at what happened to north Sydney bears. When they got kicked out of the competitions, just think about how many people dropped off the game."

Passionate West Tigers supporter Travis called up and said he'd walk away from the game if his team was moved.

Emma Freedman agreed

"If you do wipe out the West Tigers you're wiping out a fan base who then have to go and find something else to support, and that might not be another team, that might be another code."

Listen to the full audio below.