Chris Judd 'Denied Entry' To Ikon Park Last Night

From The Hot Breakfast

Chris Judd 'Denied Entry' To Ikon Park Last Night Image: Getty/Instagram

In a sensational blunder for the ticketing staff at Ikon Park, Carlton legend Chris Judd was denied entry to the ground last night.

Judd, two-time Brownlow medallist and Director of the Carlton Football Club, usually expects to wander into an AFL venue without a ticket - let alone his own club's game.

"As you know, during the regular season I don't bring a ticket to the football; nor should I have to, given what I did for the competition for 14 years," Juddy said on The Hot Breakfast.


"I marched up to the gate and got asked where my ticket was - I thought it was a good joke.

"Good to see the young bloke has a sense of humour!

"And he said 'no, you can't come in'," Juddy explained.

Juddy went on to chat to EdWil and Darce about babysitters, banners and Carlton's upcoming season:

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