Juddy Reveals The Details Behind His Trip To Sexyland

I need to explain....

Juddy Reveals The Details Behind His Trip To Sexyland

On the Saturday Rub Brian Taylor revealed a rumour that Chris Judd has attended SexyLand in the lead up to the Friday Huddle’s broadcast from the “Judd Cave”

“He went initially to the clothing area and then he wandered off to the hardware,” BT joked on the Sunday Rub.

Juddy felt the need to defend himself on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast this morning…

“It was obviously ceremonial dress for the cave and I’d lost my mask so I did pop into Sexyland,” Juddy said this morning.

“I told them I needed a mask and she said ‘Full mask or half mask?’ I didn’t really know I said ‘I just need a mask’,” Juddy said.

“She took me over to this big leather section with the zips over the mouth and the eyes, i said ‘not that sort of mask’ and we eventually got there in the end.”

Mick Molloy said there was something about the phrase SexyLand in Moorabbin.

“All I can see is a big warehouse with a couple of packets of dingas!”