Dane Swan Confirms His Return To Local Footy

'It'll be a bit of fun.'

Dane Swan Confirms His Return To Local Footy (Image: Getty/Twitter)

Former Collingwood star Dane Swan says he'll sign a deal to play for Westmeadows next year.

Swan told Triple M's Hot Breakfast he will line up for his old club in the Essendon District Football League, where he played his junior football.

"I guess I'm probably going to sign with Westmeadows, my old club," he told Triple M on Tuesday.

"That doesn’t mean I'm going to play every week, as obviously I'll be travelling a fair bit, but I'll give something back to them.

"It’s certainly not for the money, they don’t have any."

Swan said it'll be great to return to his old footy home, noting that he does miss playing the game.

"It'll be a bit of fun. My cousin's going back there, my uncle's on the board, so it'll be fun," he said.

"I might play one game, I might play 10. Who knows?

"It'll be nice to go back there and hopefully it boosts some more sponsorship and they can get a couple of good players out of it.

"I actually do miss playing the game, so it'll be nice to get involved in a footy club again, so we'll see how I go."