Danny McGinlay Bombed A Gig At Peter Gordon’s House A Week Before He Lost The Banner Job

"It died in the arse"

Danny McGinlay Bombed A Gig At Peter Gordon’s House A Week Before He Lost The Banner Job

Former Bulldogs banner writer Danny McGinlay has revealed that he gave a private show at club president Peter Gordon’s house a week before he and the Dogs parted ways.

Speaking to the Hot Breakfast this morning, McGinlay said he did a spot at a club function at Gordon’s house that he said “died in the arse”.

Listen to the chat with Danny McGinlay here:


“I was asked to come down and tell some jokes to my heroes,” McGinlay said.

“What was the question Darce, how did it go? Yeah, it died in the arse.”

McGinlay said he was guilty of misreading the room.

“What happened is, I was under the impression that the players were gonna let their hair down, have a few beers… so I prepared a set that was probably more suited to the Comic’s Lounge on a Saturday night,” he said.

“[So I] come out, fire a few jokes, [and it’s] beyond crickets. Even the crickets were going ‘this is a bit awkward’.

“I’m mates with Lachie Hunter, I sometimes sit with his dad at games, and he was sitting at the front.

“And then I’m 45 seconds into this bad gig and he just moved to the back of the room.”

Luke Darcy had some sympathy for McGinlay's plight.

"That would be the toughest room," Darce said.

"You've got a group of footballers not allowed to have a beer, at the house of the president, surrounded by officials, that is as tough a gig as you could possibly imagine."

Wil Anderson agreed.

"Danny, if you were a more experienced comedian, you'd have maybe got that call and decided that was a terrible gig you didn't want to do!"


McGinlay also revealed that he had a banner written for round one before the club’s decision to change its tactics.

“We’re playing GWS in Canberra in round one, and I wanted the banner to say ‘Today we begin our epic quest to break our one year premiership drought’.”

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