Darce's Story About Nathan Brown Throwing A Rock At Terry Wallace

From The Hot Breakfast

Darce's Story About Nathan Brown Throwing A Rock At Terry Wallace Image: Getty

On The Hot Breakfast this morning, Luke Darcy told a story about the day then-teammate Nathan Brown clocked their coach in the head with a rock.

"We'd been beaten by Carlton to the tune of 100 points," Darce started.


Darce explained that the Bulldogs had a function later that night - which Wil Anderson was coincidentally hosting.

After the disappointing result from earlier that day, however, coach Terry Wallace said that he wanted no jokes and no beers for the players.

"You can imagine us players sitting around; belted by 100 points, sitting around on this table, bored out of your brain," Darce went on.

"They had this interesting decoration on the table... and it consisted of a rock-hard toffee - it was like a rock.

"So someone on our table out of pure boredom said 'you wouldn't pick up one of those toffees and throw them at the coach, would ya?'

"At which point Nathan Brown stands up and throws this rock like a guided laser across 40 tables and it hits Terry Wallace in the temple.

"He rocked back like the JFK footage! He thought a supporter had thrown it!"

Darce said Wallace went ballistic, before storming out of the function from the blow.

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