David Koch Slams AFL In Explosive Statement To The Hot Breakfast

From The Hot Breakfast

David Koch Slams AFL In Explosive Statement To The Hot Breakfast Image: Getty

Tom Browne joined The Hot Breakfast this morning to reveal an explosive statement that David Koch has made to the AFL following the investigation into Sam Powell-Pepper.

"Port Adelaide yesterday issued their own statement saying they accept the penalty but they want to address these issues in a press conference today - they've got more to say," Browne reported.

"OnĀ The Hot Breakfast this morning first, we can tell you the position of Port Adelaide - in particular, the president.

"I've seen a lot of statements in my 8 or 9 year media career - this is the strongest I've ever seen.


"'The whole respect and responsibility policy leaves the clubs in the dark. They take complete control. I issued them a grievance notice before they would start talking sense," Browne read.

"My biggest issue was they are railroading a kid and trying to re-build their reputation with women because of the misdemeanours of their own former executives.

"In Sam-Powell Pepper's case, a woman anonymously made these claims, did not press charges with police - which we were happy for her to do. We have vision of the entire night and the head of the integrity unit refused to see it.

"I'm putting it on the agenda at the next president's meeting' - and I believe they have high profile support from at least one other club," Browne finished.

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