Eddie Explains The Change In Collingwood's Theme Song

From The Hot Breakfast

Eddie Explains The Change In Collingwood's Theme Song Image: Triple M

On Friday, the AFL announced that they had re-recorded the songs of every club.

Collingwood's song had one of the biggest updates with multiple lyric changes amended throughout the tune.

President Eddie McGuire said on Triple M's The Hot Breakfast that he didn't find it as big a deal as others expected him to.

“I’m not that outraged,” started Ed.


“What the AFL tried to do - to their credit - is digitize these songs; put them into a digital form.

“Because you’ve got these big stadiums - new sound systems - you don’t want to lose quality down the track.

“Then they went and basically got the same people from the Fable Singers and the musicians to come back.

“They’ve gone really hard to make this as authentic as the possibly can."

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