Eddie McGuire Discusses Jordan De Goey Incident

On The Hot Breakfast

Eddie McGuire Discusses Jordan De Goey Incident Image: Getty

Tom Browne dropped by the Triple M studios this morning to shed more light on the situation surrounding Jordan De Goey.

The young Collingwood player was caught drink-driving at 8:30pm on Saturday night, blowing a blood-alcohol reading of 0.095 - almost double the legal limit.


De Goey, as a P-plater, was required by law to be 0.00 behind the wheel.

Collingwood president and The Hot Breakfast's Eddie McGuire discussed the situation - ahead of the club hierarchy meeting today.

"That's unacceptable behaviour from anybody... but you've got to be careful with these things not to overreact but at the same time get the right result for society, for our club, for everybody associated and for Jordan," Eddie said.

Luke Darcy mentioned that former Magpies captain Tony Shaw mentioned recently that there are disciplinary issues at the club.

"I don't know what Tony says," Ed replied.

"Tony is a great supporter of the club - great friend, one of our greatest ever people - but has no insight at all into what is happening at the club."

"That's dial-a-quote stuff - you don't need that."

Also, when asked if a young player committing repeat offences at a football club was a concern, Eddie agreed.

"Yep - clearly you do," he said.

"Jordan's got great family and we hope he gets himself right and gets the absolute potential out of his career."

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