Eddie McGuire Explains The Footy Show's New Acquisitions

'It’s going to be big.'

Eddie McGuire Explains The Footy Show's New Acquisitions Image: Twitter & Getty

Eddie McGuire has talked up The Footy Show's new acquisitions for 2018, saying this year's show is "going to be big".

The Footy Show has recruited Brendan Fevola, Chris Judd and Dane Swan to round out their line-up for the year ahead.

Eddie has talked all three up on Triple M's Hot Breakfast, saying there's "plenty of plans" in store.

Listen to the audio:

“Yeah, we’re going to get some of the boys back together,” he said on Tuesday morning.

“Great to have Fev back on, because his career was just about ruined by The Footy Show, when they put to air the stuff that was going on at the Brownlow.

“Fev has decided he wants to come back in, he’s got unfinished business.

"I love Fev. He’s mucked up along the journey but he keeps bouncing back. He’s doing well at Fox these days. He's in good form in the jungle, he's in a good spot. People love him."

Darce was big on the Fev acquisition.

Anyone who’s met Fev has got nothing but kind words to say about him,” he said.


Next up is Juddy, who will move from Channel 7 to Channel 9, having also joined Footy Classified.

“Juddy, of course, who is just one of the most unique blokes that you could meet," Eddie said.

“You work with him on a Friday night (Darce), the Juddcave might get a run!”

That wasn’t why Darcy was focusing on Judd.

“I only wanna talk about one thing, that’s the Portsea Polo!” he laughed.

And the man Darce labelled Philadelphia’s “meat pie ambassador”, Dane Swan.

“Swanny’s back on The Footy Show as well!” Eddie said.

“As we know, he’s going to make a bit of a comeback at Westmeadows (too). He was training last night down at Westy. That would have been good, the after-training drinks, I would have thought."

Eddie wouldn’t reveal much about what was in store for the trio, but couldn’t contain his excitement.

“It’s going to be big. There’s plenty of plans,” he said.

“Oh yeah. We’re back! I am (excited)."

“You’ve got that glint in your eye,” Rosie said.

“I’m excited again! I really am. I can’t wait,” Eddie replied.