Eddie McGuire On AFL & AFLW: ‘Everyone Is At Breaking Point’

'A lot of mouths to feed'

Eddie McGuire On AFL & AFLW: ‘Everyone Is At Breaking Point’

Triple M Hot Breakfast’s Eddie McGuire has opened up about AFL finances while responding to an Age article about the promotion of AFL in Sydney.

Caroline Wilson writes that Sydney and GWS have expressed their frustration at the AFL's “underwhelming efforts in promoting and marketing the game in NSW and Queensland”.

While saying that he doesn’t disagree with Swans boss Andrew Ireland about the need for more promotion in the northern states, McGuire says finances are extremely tight.

“There is a lot of mouths to feed at the moment in football,” McGuire said on Triple M.

“The women have played for nothing and that can’t go on forever, but what also has happened - that people that don’t realise - is that everybody in the clubs and the AFL have worked for nothing getting it up and everyone is at breaking point.”

“The finances are tight. That’s why the AFL’s negotiation with the players are breaking down. Everybody want’s more, there is just not enough to go around at the moment.”

“There has to be a rationalisation somewhere there.”