Eddie McGuire On The Etihad Stadium Revamp

From The Hot Breakfast

Eddie McGuire On The Etihad Stadium Revamp Image: Herald Sun

Plans for an elaborate revamp of Melbourne's Etihad Stadium were revealed in this morning's Herald Sun.

A $300 million revamp plan for the stadium "would open out to Harbour Esplanade and a sprawling waterfront entertainment zone," the article reads.

Plans also include open-air bars and restaurants, a running track, grassed parkland, playground and a revamped facade; among others.

Eddie McGuire told Triple M's The Hot Breakfast this morning that the plans are real and "very close."


"I can't say too much because I've been involved in the discussions but it's moving pretty well," Eddie said.

Eddie said there are even more details to be announced after deals are struck between the AFL and the Victorian State Government.

"It goes back to a discussion we had on here about what we can do about stadia in this city."

"Already Adelaide and Perth are competing with Melbourne for major events.

"You never used to worry about them.

"But now they've got a stadium they can pay - the economics work.

"These two stadiums - particularly in Perth where they've spent $1.5 billion - they have to get these things in and they'll get exclusive ones so we have to fly to Perth!

"We've got the best setup; the best facilities in the centre of town: one at each end, one with a roof.

"We could end up with something quite sensational."

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