Eddie McGuire Reveals What Unfolded During The Jordan De Goey Dog Scandal

'His reputation has been diminished'

Eddie McGuire Reveals What Unfolded During The Jordan De Goey Dog Scandal

Collingwood president Eddie McGuire has revealed on Triple M how Jordan De Goey’s dog lie unravelled.

“I don’t think he thought he had a broken hand, I think in his heart of hearts was hoping that he’d be able to get through without any dramas coming up,” Eddie said on Triple M.

“His issue came when he actually found out he had a broken hand and he went straight into hospital,” he said.

“When he came out of his anesthetic and had time to have a bit of a think about things, he rang straight away and said ‘I’ve put myself in a bad situation, I’ve lied to everybody. I’m disgusted in what I’ve done, my apologies'."

"Then from that moment on it just unfolds."

The Collingwood president went onto describe the incident which resulted in De Goey injuring his hand.

“He walks into a bar, he has to defend himself straight away unfortunatly, which is another story all together,” McGuire said.

“Suddenly he is having to protect himself, he did that, what he should have done from there was ring the club straight away and say there has been an incident.”

Eddie says that he expects De Goey to bounce back form the incident.

“The kid has gone through a hard enough period, he has had surgery on his hand, he’s been humiliated publicly, he has had to face up to his captain and his leadership group and his coach and everyone at the club, he’s had to face up to his parents," Eddie said.

“He is going through a horrible situation and his reputation has been diminished."

“I expect the kid to fight back and get back into it as fast as possible.”