Eddie McGuire’s Clear Message For Mark Robinson

'Doctor trumps everybody'

Eddie McGuire’s Clear Message For Mark Robinson

Collingwood President Eddie McGuire’s has responded to Mark Robinson’s comments that were made during last night’s AFL360.

You can listen to what Robinson said & Eddie's full response in the audio below.

McGuire said this morning on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast that he spoke to Robinson yesterday - who revealed he was under pressure from his editor.

“I said to him yesterday 'Mark, you were told by the the president of the football club acting as the mouthpiece for the medical experts - Do not make any contact with Alex Fasolo'.

“He sent a letter of apology that then asked for a one-on-one interview. As far as everyone who has read that letter of apology, it was well crafted as far as the apology and we take than as a sincere apology.

“It’s Mark who keeps double dipping here. He keeps going again - keeps going after this interview. Now he said to me yesterday he has been under pressure from his editor to get an interview, that lots of his friends and people have been saying ‘wouldn’t it be great to get an interview’.

"He’s got this interview in his head. Drop the interview out of your head Mark and leave Alex Fasolo alone in this situation.

“The point is, and there is no point after this, the medical experts said to Mark - Do not make any contact with Alex Fasolo. There are no other mitigating circumstances. Doctor trumps everybody.”