Eddie McGuire Shuts Down Fev's Collingwood Comeback

Not happening

Eddie McGuire Shuts Down Fev's Collingwood Comeback

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Brendan Fevola sensationally came out on Melbourne radio announcing that he should return to fix Collingwood's forward woes - but not everyone is having it.

Responding to a petition that asks the Pies to sign the Coleman medallist, Fev claimed that it wasn't the silliest idea in the world.

"I’m serious. I’ll be 37 by the time next season starts and not being arrogant or thinking I’m amazing but if I got fit, I think I could still play,” Fevola said.

“I think I could play better than some of the blokes that are out there now."

But on Triple M's The Hot BreakfastEddie McGuire nominated Fev for 'Clown of the Week' following his comments.

"Can I go the early ‘Fev’?" Eddie asked, putting forward Fevola's name.

"Fev sticking his head in yesterday saying he should make a comeback at Collingwood… I got my coat pulled here yesterday."

"There’s probably room for him in the forward line?" asked Mick Molloy.

"No - not for him there’s not!" Eddie joked.

"Couldn’t wedge him between the sticks. Big Fev at the moment…"

"He’s fat!"

When Luke Darcy asked if Collingwood were going to train him up and get him out there, Eddie replied with a blunt 'no'.