Eddie McGuire's Car Features In 'The Castle'

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Eddie McGuire's Car Features In 'The Castle'

(Image: The Castle)

Jane Kennedy stopped by The Hot Breakfast studio this morning to reflect on one of Australia's most iconic and popular films - The Castle.

Speaking on Triple M, Kennedy explained some of the logistics behind making the low-budget film alongside Rob Sitch, Santo Cilauro and Tom Gleisner

"We shot it in 11 days - it was all budget based," Kennedy said.

"We needed to have a flashy car for a scene at the end with Dennis Denuto - when he’s been successful and we wanted to show a car outside of the Magistrates' Court.

"And we go ‘who do we know with a flashy car?’

"And the only person we knew at the time was Eddie McGuire.

"So I called up Eddie one afternoon and I said ‘can we borrow your black BMW?’

It didn't all go perfectly for Ed, however:

"I got it back, someone had knocked the badges off the wheels," Eddie laughed.

Listen to the full chat with Jane Kennedy here: