Eddie McGuire's 'Umpiring Revolution' 15 Years In The Making

From The Hot Breakfast

Eddie McGuire's 'Umpiring Revolution' 15 Years In The Making Image: Getty/Triple M

Eddie McGuire floated a theory this morning to shake-up the AFL's umpiring.

Speaking on Triple M's The Hot Breakfast, Ed brought up an idea 'from 15 years ago' that would change the face of umpiring as we know it.


"Instead of running umpires up and down like hairy goats and having to make decisions under fatigue... (running 20km a game) is totally ridiculous," Eddie said.

"What we're seeing is umpires - at the age when you're making the best possible decision, late in your career - they're out of the game because they can't run... I'm trying to prolong these guys.

"Get ready for this - boundary umpires and goal umpires - I'm sacking you."

Eddie brought up a system where less umpires would be given more jurisdiction to make on-field decisions, by allocating umpires certain areas of the ground with the responsibility of watching both the boundary line and the goals.

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