EXCLUSIVE: The Hot Breakfast Interview With Midnight Oil

“We’re a real band”

EXCLUSIVE: The Hot Breakfast Interview With Midnight Oil

Image: Midnight Oil

The music news that rocked the world this week- Australia’s own, Midnight Oil are back in a big way!

The classic Aussie rock act are embarking on a world tour and joined The Hot Breakfast this morning to chat about the planning ahead of the tour.

The band are 4 weeks in on rehearsals, with 180 songs plus covers there’s a lot of work to do!

As frontman, Peter Garrett told The Hot Breakfast, the live show is the real deal; “We’re a real band. No fudging, needs hard work, no backing tape. Live show is very reactionary and intense and I react to what happens on stage”.

@midnightoilband in the studio right now.

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On the live shows, there is the old school fans coming back to relive the magic, like The Hot Breakfast’s Mick Malloy who mentioned he first saw the classic rock band at The Pier Hotel, Frankston, saying; “one of the best live shows ever”, yet they're expecting a strong younger following, those who weren’t around in the 80s when Midnight Oil were first touring.

With the new political climate in America the bands main aim to the address what’s happening, yet not get deported.

So what brought on this huge tour?
After quitting politics and writing his book, frontman Garrett made an accidental solo record and then that inspired the band to get back together.

Listen to the full interview:

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