Lehmo 'Outs' A Hawthorn Player For A Very Dumb Comment

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Lehmo 'Outs' A Hawthorn Player For A Very Dumb Comment Image: Triple M

Lehmo joined The Hot Breakfast for the first time this year as he announced he's jumped on the Triple M bandwagon for 2018.

He will be appearing with EdWil and Darce for guest appearances throughout the year - as well as showing up on Kennedy & Molloy.

This morning, Lehmo told a story from over the weekend where he 'outed' a Hawthorn player for a very dumb comment.

"It was said in private but it's too good not to share," Lehmo said.


Lehmo was on a plane from Melbourne to Adelaide when he said he saw some of the Hawks boys walking down the aisle.

"I'm sitting in my seat - about 13B or something," he started.

"Isaac Smith is coming down the aisle and I get a bit excited because I love my Hawks.

"I go 'hey Smithy!' and he goes 'g'day Lehmo'! and leans across and shakes my hand.

"And so I'm sitting on the plane, Smithy is standing in the aisle and he goes: 'so, where are you off to?'

"I said 'well Smithy, in one of the great coincidences of all-time I think all of us are heading to Adelaide!"

Luke Darcy was promptly thrown under the bus as Lehmo rattled off some of the dumbest quotes ever heard from footballers.

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