LISTEN | Damian Barrett And Luke Darcy Trade Blows

From The Hot Breakfast

LISTEN | Damian Barrett And Luke Darcy Trade Blows Image: Triple M

In one of the most-anticipated Friday Huddle's ever, Damian Barrett and Luke Darcy are set to go head-to-head tonight.

Purple has been criticising the Western Bulldogs in recent weeks - suggesting there's "no coming back" for the 2016 premiers this season -  and Duke has heard enough.

The pair will face off on Triple M Footy tonight from 6:00pm, but this morning on The Hot Breakfast Barrett called in to give listeners a taste of what's to come.

"It would be nice for you to be an objective participant in the conversation rather than the Bulldogs version of Joffa," Barrett said.


Join The Friday Huddle from 6:00pm tonight before the massive clash between Collingwood and Carlton!

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