LISTEN | Joey Montagna Looks At The Evolution Of AFL Tactics

The game has changed

LISTEN | Joey Montagna Looks At The Evolution Of AFL Tactics Image: Getty

St Kilda champion Leigh Montagna dropped by The Hot Breakfast this morning to discuss the state of the game.

Talk around the AFL has been rife recently with concerns that our game has been bogged down in congestion with low-scoring and poor skills dominating headlines so far in 2018.

But Triple M Footy's Montagna agreed with Luke Darcy and Eddie McGuire that it was just part of the natural evolution of the sport.


"The question is - who's going to be the coach that changes the game?" Eddie asked.

"If you want to go through a chronological timeline from the mid-2000s, each era of about 3 to 4 years has had a different style of play," Montagna started.

"The Brisbane Lions - when they won 3 flags - their whole style was just to get the ball forward.

"Then Sydney and West Coast's era - they brought players up to the stoppage, it was low-scoring, it was tighter. A lot of it was to combat JuddCousins and Kerr to combat how good they were at stoppages.

Joey continued to dissect how Geelong, Hawthorn and now the Western Bulldogs and Richmond have evolved the game.

"A coach will come up with a way to beat this congestion and everyone will follow and it will be the next trend."

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