LISTEN | The Conversation Meshel Laurie Wanted Us To Have

From The Winter Breakfast

LISTEN | The Conversation Meshel Laurie Wanted Us To Have Image: Meshel Laurie on Twitter

Experienced radio broadcaster Meshel Laurie joined Seb Costello, Paul Roos and Lehmo to discuss the unacceptable comments that aired in Triple M Footy on Friday night.

Meshel reached out to Triple M and we are delighted to work with her to have a constructive, meaningful discussion around behaviour in the wake of Friday night's incident.


"This is such a great opportunity... because this was a moment shared between a couple of guys - who I think are actually fantastic guys - so it's something I think we can jump on and talk about," Meshel said.

"It's our opportunity to say 'OK, this is why we don't like that joke, this is what we don't like about it, this is what makes us uncomfortable about it'."

"This isn't men vs. women - this isn't just women yelling at men to pull your socks up. It can't be that."

Paul Roos thanked Meshel for the discussion, describing the conversation as educational.