LISTEN | The Hot Breakfast's Emotional Chat With Caller Tony

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LISTEN | The Hot Breakfast's Emotional Chat With Caller Tony Image: Triple M

Triple M's Hot Breakfast has been moved by the story shared by caller Tony about his son.


Following on from Luke Darcy's chat about his visit to Port Phillip prison, Tony called up to share his story.

"I've got a son who's 27, he got released on Monday," he said.

"He's been in and out, in and out, on ice and drugs and things like that. I said to the judge: look, there's no point keeping locking these people up. They hang around the same people. I said I need to get him into some sort of rehabilitation, some sort of program where I can work on his mind and his health."

Tony received plenty of love and support via email and social media for opening up.

"I've been ringing people and seeing people. I can't find where to go. How do you get him help?" he said.

"I'm trying to find out how to do this, because the kid's 27 and I'm scared he's gonna die. He comes from a good home, a good sportsman, went off track somehow for some reason."