Lou Richards' Family Accept Offer Of A State Funeral


Lou Richards' Family Accept Offer Of A State Funeral

The family of Lou Richards has accepted an offer of a state funeral for the AFL great so that all Victorians can say thanks for his enormous contribution to life in the state.

Richards died on Monday aged 94 after a long and celebrated career as a player and media figure.

"That's a way all Victorians can say thank you to Lou Richards for a life well lived and a very generous one," Mr Andrews told reporters on Tuesday.

"I thought it was appropriate to offer to someone who's just a fantastic Victorian, someone who made a huge contribution to footy and a huge contribution to the life of our state, someone who was loved by all.

"You can't say that about every Collingwood hero, but he was loved by I think every single Victorian because he was just a decent bloke and always gave back and always gave generously."

Richards captained Collingwood's 1953 premiership side before becoming one of the AFL's most beloved figures in print and television.