Melbourne Fisherman Sheds Light On Mystery Port Phillip Attack

'Around the full moon they go nuts'

Melbourne Fisherman Sheds Light On Mystery Port Phillip Attack

Image: Jarrod Kanizay

Triple M’s Hot Breakfast were joined by Sam Kanizay this morning following a bizarre sea creature attack in Port Phillip Bay on Saturday night.

The 16-year-old was soaking waist-deep in the bay at Brighton about 6.20pm on Saturday before emergingto finds his lower legs covered in blood.

“It was bleeding pretty much straight away as I had gotten out of the water and so I just walked home because my legs were still pretty numb then,” Sam said on Triple M.

“We tried to wash it off in the shower at home and it just kept bleeding.”

“I really had no idea what had happened. My first thought was that it was a rock but it didn’t really look like a stabbing wound.”

“It was constantly stinging once I was out and had given it a bit of a wash.”

“Not really anyone has seen anything like it before. At Sandringham (hospital) they didn’t really have idea. They tried to contact other hospitals or experts."

The Hot Breakfast received a number of calls from fisherman who believe that the creatures responsible were sea lice.

“I’ve been fishing the bay for quite a few years mate. Around the full moon they go nuts. They strip a pilchard off the hook in under a minute,” Heath from Hoppers Crossing told the Hot Breakfast.

“I think they are worse in winter. During summer they are probably not as bad when the snapper are around.”

Sam said that his old man went to the spot were he was attacked last night to see what he could find...

“He caught hundreds of tiny little fish eating the fish. It’s looks like it is (the sea lice).”

“It’s a full moon tonight so you might have just been in the wrong part of the luna cycle,” Eddie McGuire told Sam.