Mystery Surrounds Triple M's AC/DC Pinball Machine


Mystery Surrounds Triple M's AC/DC Pinball Machine

It was brought to Mick Molloy’s attention last week that the bigwigs at Triple M pulled the plug on the world renowned AC/DC pinball machine.

Molloy broke the news on the Hot Breakfast program starting with some historical context “We all remember The Offspring being told off for having a dart (cigarette) on the balcony. I said that was the death of Triple M.” continuing with further bad news Mick added “Possibly the most iconic item we have at this station, the AC/DC pinball machine…it’s been moved from the studios out to the main area”.


“My information is the CEO of the company came down for the week and was working out of the Melbourne office, saw a queue of people not working and playing the pinnies, came out of said office and pulled cord out of wall. It is no longer working. The AC/DC pinball machine sits silent, idle and dark. And I think that’s a metaphor for where we are right now.” Adding: “It reduces us from a fully functioning harmonious office, to a sweat shop”. Luke Darcy responding “Pretty much, that’s the culture of Triple M dead”. Eddie McGuire suggesting “We’ll be playing One Direction next”.

Kicking off an early campaign to turn the machine back on Mick Molloy suggested we put a call into Slash for some support, the Guns n Roses guitarist and pinball aficionado has previously admonished us here at Triple M for not properly maintaining the rare machine, Darcy suggesting “He won’t take our call. He’ll be on Smooth. That’s where we’re at.” 

In an extraordinary turn of events over the weekend, the Hot Breakfast’s Rosie was in the building and noticed a couple of tradies blatantly playing on Saturday morning, emailing this photo to the breakky team “People Have The Power”.


Mick ran with this development on air Monday, 8am, wondering if they used their trade resources to locate a power cord, or if there had been a change of heart from high up, as the machine was still on. The mystery deepened about half an hour later when football producer MJ joined the program on air to deliver the extraordinary news that in the time it took for him to hear us deliver the good news, exit the tram, wait for the lift and come up to his desk, the AC/DC pinball machine had once again been silenced. 

Incensed and wanting to know who turned it off again, Luke Darcy asked if there was a Triple M union we could call on to help with some industrial activity...

Ending the day’s program on a positive note, however, the Hot Breakfast team mooted the idea of this Friday opening the doors for people to come in and play a game of pinball to stick to the man. We want queues around the block sending a clear message that the people united will never be defeated. What do we want? Multiball! When do we want it? Now. Keep listening to Triple M for details.