Sam Newman Injured During Taping Of The Footy Show

'My wrist is ordinary'

Sam Newman Injured During Taping Of The Footy Show

Sam Newman has revealed on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast how he was injured during the taping of last weeks Footy Show.

“It looks like you’ve had 15 rounds with George Foreman and played football,” Eddie McGuire told Sam this morning.

“You’ve got a broken wrist, you’ve had back surgery in the last 10 days. What is going on?”

Sam says the incident occurred following Lou’s handball segment towards the end of the program.

“Last week I feel over on stage after a little handball exercise we do,” Sam said.

“I tripped and fell with the assistance of Shane Crawford who kicked my leg I was standing on out from under me and I fell from 5-feet”

“My wrist is ordinary and my back is ordinary. And I feel like I’ve been run over by a Mack Truck.”

Sam has bounced back from the injuries and will be back on the Footy Show when it returns at 9pm Tonight.