Sam Newman's 6 Policies If He Were Lord Mayor

From The Hot Breakfast

Sam Newman's 6 Policies If He Were Lord Mayor Image: Getty/Twitter

Sam Newman has been making waves this morning following the revelations that he is potentially interested in running for Lord Mayor of Melbourne.

Speaking exclusively to Triple M's The Hot Breakfast this morning, Newman poured water on the idea - but didn't deny that it was a gig he would enjoy.


"First thing I would do is take out an advertisement: 'If anyone has any claim against me that I have acted improperly with them, come forward now and we can get it out of the way and we'll move on from there'," Newman started

"I can be very confident that I've done some ordinary things in my life but none of them have been non-consensual."

When asked what policies he would introduce, he shot out 6 proposals throughout the interview.

"If you go around and look at the cities in the rest of the world there's some things you can take from them," he said.

"The homeless in the city is a problem and we would be very careful with how we would handle that.

"Maybe open some sanctuary reserves - it's just not a good look to have people camping under bridges in the CBD and they don't want to be there in the first place.

Other of Newman's ideas included scrapping 30km/h speed zones in the city, installing countdown clocks for traffic lights, and beginning the conversation for a great marina on the edge of the city for overseas tourism.

"Security in the city is a tremendous problem," he continued.

"The council could have staff that are properly trained in conjunction with the police to make sure that people aren't annoyed by unruly and antisocial behaviour.

"And graffiti - we should have graffiti squads that are vigilant during the middle hours of the night to see who actually defaces the city.

"We have squads of people that either apprehend them or put them off then clean up the mess that they leave.

When asked by Eddie McGuire if he would ever actually make a run for the job, Newman kept a lid on it.

"Probably not. I was asked last year or the year before - I'm always interested in people that are interested in my opinion," Newman said.

"There's many other capable people - I'm just in there for the conversation hoping that whoever becomes the Lord Mayor might embrace some of the things the community talk about."

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