Scott Pendlebury Confirms He'll Be Healthy Enough To Travel To Perth

From The Hot Breakfast

Scott Pendlebury Confirms He'll Be Healthy Enough To Travel To Perth Image: Getty

Collingwood skipper Scott Pendlebury joined The Hot Breakfast this morning to alleviate concerns that his health would see him miss a final.

Pendlebury admitted that if the Qualifying Final against West Coast took place this last Saturday he would've been "a slim chance to play" - but the bye has given him the opportunity to stay away from the club and get himself better.


"I was just using the full week off to really milk it!" Pendlebury said.

"I'm back today, looking forward to Saturday over in Perth."

Pendelbury said despite initially not being a supporter of the pre-finals bye - introduced in 2016 - he is now a fan of what it does for players.

"To be honest, I wasn't a massive fan of it (the bye) a few years ago; but all of a sudden I love the bye now," he said.

"I would've been a slim chance to play on Saturday night.

"Looking over the years, it definitely does work - guys get the chance to freshen up."

Pendlebury referenced Adam Treloar and Tyson Goldsack as Magpies who relished the opportunity to get in an extra week of preparation before the finals kick off this week.

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