'Shattered' Merv Hughes Discusses The Cheating Scandal

From The Hot Breakfast

'Shattered' Merv Hughes Discusses The Cheating Scandal Image: Getty

Former Australian fast bowler Merv Hughes says that he is "absolutely gutted" by the scandal that has rocked our national cricket side.

Speaking to Triple M's The Hot Breakfast this morning - live from a tour of South Africa - Merv said he was shattered with the events.

"As a former player, I just feel betrayed," Hughes said.

"The strongest thing over the past 34 years has been the leadership... and the respect for the game has just been shattered.


The head of the Australian Sports Commission John Wylie also joined the show to discuss his disappointment:

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce - who heads the airline that sponsors the Australian side - also spoke to The Hot Breakfast.

"We've spoken to Cricket Australia and encouraging them to do the right thing," Joyce said.

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