Six Degrees Of Eddie McGuire - Kylie Jenner

How does he know her?!

Six Degrees Of Eddie McGuire - Kylie Jenner Image: YouTube

The Hot Breakfast have introduced a new game in 2018.

Given Eddie McGuire knows literally everybody notable on Earth, Wil and Darce thought it would be an interesting experiment to see how obscure a celebrity could get before he has no connections.

"This is our presumption that Ed can link himself to anyone in the world in six steps or less," Wil said.

"He won't need six, I'm telling you," Darce insisted.

"He can link himself to anyone in 1 degree - he does it every time someone comes on the show!"

The first challenge: Kylie Jenner; half-sister of Kim Kardashian. Presumably a bit of a tricky one for Ed.


Once asked how he could possibly relate himself to the reality TV star, he had a pretty instant connection.

"Well, I did run into Bruce Jenner at the Olympic Games," Ed stated.

"He was Bruce at that stage and we actually had a chat (about the London Olympics).

"I don't think Kylie was that big at that stage - and she's certainly still not big in my life - but Bruce was pretty big to me because he's one of the all-time great decathletes."

The final result: Kylie Jenner - Eddie McGuire is 2 steps.

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