'That Is Just Made Up': Eddie McGuire Slams Reports

'Unequivocally no'

'That Is Just Made Up': Eddie McGuire Slams Reports

Collingwood president Eddie McGuire has slammed reports from Brownlow medallist Brad Hardie for reporting that Fremantle coach Ross Lyon had approached the Magpies.

“That is just made up,” McGuire said this morning on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast.

“Has Ross Lyon spoken to Collingwood about wanting to be the coach of Collingwood or has Collingwood spoken to Ross Lyon? Definitely, unequivocally no.”

“Anyone who’s talking about what’s going on with the coaching at Collingwood is making it up, completely making it up because no one has any visibility on this other than me,” he said.

“I’ll tell you what’s happening, what we’ve said for the last four months - and that is that we are doing a full review of the club and in due course we’ll make a decision regarding that.

“You can’t go guessing at these things. (Football boss) Geoff Walsh is doing the review and he has had a full chat to the president and to the chief executive and we have a board meeting next week and we’ll get to the next part of where we’re going and then we’ll get to the part where we’ll make the decision.

“Relax - we know what we’re doing, we know how to run the club and we’ll make the decision when it’s right to be made when we’ve got all the facts in front of us.