Tiger Woods Reveals The Best Non-Golfers He's Played With

From The Hot Breakfast!

Tiger Woods Reveals The Best Non-Golfers He's Played With Image: AAP

Golf legend Tiger Woods has played alongside and against some of the world's biggest names in golf.

Joining Triple M's The Hot Breakfast this morning, Woods revealed the best players he's come up against from outside the golfing world.


“It’s more so athletes that I find pretty amazing at how they’re able to translate their sport into our sport,” Tiger said.

“For example, [former baseballer] John Smoltz is a phenomenal golfer.

“Tony Romo from football is now qualifying for Q-School (Qualifying School, which could earn him entrance to the PGA tour).

“And so just to see these athletes who have spent so many years perfecting their sport to be able to pursue ours and be able to compete and do extremely awesome things in our sport is to me quite exceptional.”

Woods also discussed being in Melbourne for the President’s Cup, his first hole-in-one in 20 years and more.


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