Tom Browne: Jason Johannisen Involved In Scuffle At Crown

From The Hot Breakfast.

Tom Browne: Jason Johannisen Involved In Scuffle At Crown Image: Getty

Tom Browne from Triple M's Hot Breakfast has reported Western Bulldogs star Jason Johannisen was involved in a minor scuffle at Crown on the weekend, but there's "not really a suggestion he did anything wrong".

Browne said on Wednesday morning that Johannisen was involved with a scuffle with a man who was apparently filming his partner during the early hours of Sunday morning.

Staff asked Johannisen and his partner to leave the premises afterwards.



"I’ve done some digging on this overnight, speaking to his manager and the club," Browne said on Triple M's Hot Breakfast on Wednesday morning.

"I understand there was an altercation involving Johannisen. (It was) not necessarily his fault, he was there with his partner in the early hours of the morning.

"Someone was filming his partner, which obviously Johannisen wasn’t happy with, probably quite legitimately. He remonstrated with this particular person, there was a small scuffle and the Crown staff, in their wisdom to defuse the situation, quietly asked Johannisen to leave the premises, obviously with his partner.

"There’s not really a suggestion he did anything wrong."

Luke Darcy said, judging by the report, that Johannisen was doing little wrong by sticking up for his partner.

"If we take that as read, he’s sticking up for his partner," he responded.

"If he has stuck up for his partner...I wouldn’t think there’d be any drama at all."