Victoria's Top Traffic Cop Supports Jordan De Goey

From The Hot Breakfast

Victoria's Top Traffic Cop Supports Jordan De Goey Image: Victoria Police

Victoria's Police Assistant Commissioner Doug Fryer called into The Hot Breakfast this morning regarding the Jordan De Goey incident.

Fryer showed sympathy for the Collingwood midfielder after he was caught drink-driving over the weekend.



"We get 12,000 people a year that blow over 0.05," Fryer said.

"What is he, 21, 22? And he's getting vilified in the press.

"We've had journalists, we've had high-profile businessmen - but they don't end up on front page of the paper or spoken about.

"But really, it's a lesson for everyone; we are out there.

"This kid's made a mistake. I've got no doubt that he'll be spoken to by family and the club.

"I don't even barrack for Collingwood and I'm still supporting the guy.

"The reality is he's made a mistake, he's relatively young... it just serves to send a message; if you want to the run the gauntlet we're out there and you're probably going to get caught.

"I've got no doubt he's learned his lesson already - I can't see him doing it again."

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