Wil Anderson Takes Aim At Bernard Tomic

'Australia's greatest trier!'

Wil Anderson Takes Aim At Bernard Tomic (Image: Getty)

Triple M’s Wil Anderson says Bernard Tomic just “does not want to win” tennis matches after another bizarre incident.

Tomic has come under fire once again following another bizarre occurrence overnight midway through a tennis match.

The Aussie was up 40-0 at 5-5 against French oppoent Pierre-Hugues Herbert in the first set when, strangely, he dished up an underarm first serve.

Tomic lost that point pretty quick. 

“We’ve seen it all now,” one commentator said.

“When was the last time we saw that?”

It didn't stop there: the 25-year-old went on to lose the first-round match 7-6 (7-4) 7-5.


“Shock news, Darce, from the world of sport,” Wil told Triple M's Hot Breakfast on Tuesday. 

“Bernard Tomic, the man who’s got a heart as big as Phar Lap, Australia’s greatest trier, has unfortunately gone down in the first round of the Vienna Open, the very competitive Vienna Open."

Wil explained what happened.

“He was up against one of the top seeds - well, a French qualifier, Pierre Herbert, who came in at number 82 in the world, so obviously a pretty tough match there for Bernie.

“What’s happened is, Bernie’s actually going alright in this match until, when he's 40-0 up at 5-5, he’s decided to serve underarm. Like, he’s just gone with the underarm.

“I mean, this guy does not want to win tennis matches. That’s the equivalent of him going in and getting the big novelty tennis racket they use for the matches at half time. If they went into a third set he was going to play in a sumo suit. 

“This guy does not want to win. The only excuse to serve underarm in a tennis match is if you’re playing against a New Zealander to put them off and get inside their head!