Peter Siddle Tells Jars And Louie About His Dodgy LBW Last Night

'He owed me one!'

Peter Siddle Tells Jars And Louie About His Dodgy LBW Last Night Image: Getty

Peter Siddle has spoken about the LBW he managed to squeeze out of the umpire in last night’s Big Bash final.

Sids rapped Ben McDermott on the pads and appealed strongly.

He the call he wanted, despite replays showing later the ball would have missed the stumps by some way.

He addressed the call on The Rush Hour With Jars & Louie today:


“It looked like you had some mind control over that umpire with that LBW,” Louie said.

“You did not lose the lock of the eyes!”

“He owed me anyway!” Sids said.

“A couple of weeks ago I had [Melbourne Stars player] Sebastian Gotch plum LB and he gave it not out.

“So I knew I just had to hit one of them on the pads and he was gonna give me one!”

Sids took 11 wickets in 11 matches for the Strikers, with a best return of 3/17 in yesterday’s final.

He bowled tightly all throughout the tournament, averaging 20 at under six an over.

Sids said that he and his family will be set for life in SA now with the way the fans love him.

“You’re a very proud Victorian, you love your [North Melbourne] Kangaroos, [but] you’re now an adopted South Australian,” Jars said.

“I’ve spoken to the Lord Mayor so we’ll get you sorted.”

“Off the Richmond model, Sids, you’re a life member,” Louie said.

“A life member? I’ve already been here too long haven’t I?” Sids said.

“Richmond have jumped all over it for five days let alone five weeks!

“I’ve got my whole family sorted! I’m set for life here!”

“The South Australian fans embraced ya Sidsy, you know the love/hate between the two states, but you’re loved mate!

“You’ve got a bit of a cult following among the South Australian fans.”