Rory Sloane Explains All On His Contract Talks

'That's one hundred per cent honest'

Rory Sloane Explains All On His Contract Talks Image: Getty

Rory Sloane says he is "very happy" with where he's at in terms of contract talks with Adelaide, and that the decision will take "some thought".

Sloane is out of contract at the end of the year, with rumours about whether he'll stay or go circling even before the season begins.

The Adelaide star told Triple M's Rush Hour with Jars and Louie to share the latest on his talks.


"I’m very happy with where I’m at at the moment," he told Triple M Adelaide.

"The club is very aware of where I’m at, I’ve been chatting to them, absolutely have been."

He says there are a few factors to weigh up with a new deal, and that it is "not just a simple process".

"Like you guys, like anyone else (out) there that has a job, any of the listeners, go through the same process when you’re thinking about work commitments and a job that you might take," he said.

"Yeah, you’ve got the job as well, and there’s other stuff to consider.

"There’s a Rory Sloane away from football that I also do think about. That’s where things get taken up.

"You do need some thought. It’s not just a simple process to tick off. That’s one hundred per cent honest from myself, that’s as honest as I can be."

He cleared up reports about whether he was close to a decision, saying there is "nothing" to report on just yet.


"I haven’t made a decision yet, so there’s nothing to report on at the moment," he clarified.

"This could very well be one of the last contracts I sign, so there is a bit to think about, absolutely."