Damian Barrett Hits Back At Wayne Carey Over The ‘Blowtorch’

Purple & Duck Head-To-Head

Damian Barrett Hits Back At Wayne Carey Over The ‘Blowtorch’

Damian Barrett has responded to the serve that Wayne Carey gave him during Talking Footy on Monday night.

In the “Blow Torch” segment, Carey told Barrett to “leave it to the experts” in relation to statements he made about Richmond coach Damien Hardwick.

“Now Damian, you’re a fantastic news breaker in the AFL and you do a lot of good things in the media," Carey started.

"But I’ll tell you what you don’t know."

"You don’t whether Damien Hardwick is ‘proud’ of his team - and I can assure you that if he says he is proud of his team; he is."

"So maybe on this one, leave it to the experts," Carey finished with a grin.

Barrett hit back at the Duck on his podcast “The Sounding Board”

“Whatever Wayne says about that, he wouldn’t understand how coaches clearly say one thing publicly at times and another thing privately,” Barrett said.

“If Wayne wants to convince the footy world that Damien Hardwick is proud of what happened against GWS and the week before against Fremantle that that’s for him to do so,” he said.

Purple said that Carey called him to give him the “heads up” that he was about to be blowtorched.