Frank N Furters Spewing Out Of The Underground

Rocky Horror is here in Perth

Well, Friday's are always special, no matter who you are, but they're a bit bloody extra special when the person who CREATED Rocky Horror Show, the one and only Richard O'Brien, enters the building to share some stories about that iconic production.

And even better when Richard brings Adam Rennie along, the man who plays Frank N. Furter in the Perth production of the show.

As you'll see above, Richard has watched over time as society has slowly but surely caught up with regards to acceptance of some of the themes within the show... 1990 being a particular watershed year in Richard's eyes.

The chat in full is well worth the price of admission... we're not only celebrating the return of one of the biggest musical theatre shows in the world, but also the homecoming (of sorts) of Adam, who graduated from WAAPA 10 years ago!

What do they put in the water down there at WAAPA?


Written by: @dantheinternut