Perth Council To Participate In Leading Cat Tracking Study

Volunteers required!

Perth Council To Participate In Leading Cat Tracking Study Pixabay

WA Today ran a story late last week about new 'cat tracking' technology that a Perth council has agreed to be a part of.

For the uninitiated, the study will hope to establish how far domestic cats are travelling, whether they're crossing main roads and are they venturing into wetlands and native bushland?

In addition, the research can determine what kind of cat the participant is... there are 5 types:

  • Skittish
  • Outgoing
  • Dominant
  • Spontaneous
  • Friendly

The City of Bayswater is participating and is asking for volunteers to help with the research. You can do so here.

WA Today asked Bayswater's deputy mayor, Chris Cornish about the reason why the city chose to participate:

"Cats have contributed to a decline in native fauna around Australia, and we have a few sensitive areas such as Maylands Lakes, Lightning Swamp and the Eric Singleton Bird Sanctuary,"

He continued

"This isn't about judging anyone or finding naughty cats, it's about participating in this research and letting people know how far cats can travel."

- Chris Cornish

The study starts February 1.