Pete Continues His Fitness Journey with HBF Fitness

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Pete Continues His Fitness Journey with HBF Fitness

After a health scare last year Pete started the 2017 with HBF Fitness getting him into shape as well as feeling mentally healthy. Thanks to HBF Fitness, he's able to continue the road to health and fitness with his first Spring HBF Fitness class on Saturday 21st October!

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You can also join the HBF Fitness sessions and if you're a HBF health member it's FREE!!!

There's 21 locations across WA and with Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Family classes, there's one to suit everyone!

The eight week program starts Saturday October 16, be sure to hit up their website to register 

Week Seven

So with another Saturday gone and one more to go, the weekend was a handy reminder of what to expect over the holiday season! We had our annual Curulli Christmas get together. We’re a big family of Italians so it’s easier to get everyone together early rather than rush around on the day. You can also imagine what lay upon the table for lunch and desserts that followed after. All the trimmings, ham, crayfish (we’re lucky to be a family in seafood ;P), pasta salads, lasagne, chicken meatballs, barbecued chicken.. and then desserts, well let’s just say I started with tiramisu and cheesecake!

The difference this year though is that I have had a year of HBF sessions and was also lucky enough to go through the HBF health and fitness checks with Friendlies pharmacy which taught me so much about HOW to eat. By that I mean that once upon a time I would pile up my lunch plate, go back for seconds, and then load up on desserts. This time around I cut it all back. I still filled my plate but did it a little smarter, less cheesy carbs, more veggies and good stuff.

You can still enjoy yourself but the thing I have learnt that has really worked for me is to enjoy moderately – plus I had done an awesome intermediate session on the Saturday so I felt a little less guilty, and I’ll back that up with some more this week.

Remember it’s important to enjoy yourself this holiday season, but don’t spoil all of the good work you’ve done so far!

See you for the final week of fitness sessions at Harrisdale!


Week Six

Had another great @hbfhealth session today but wanted to wait until tonight to throw the latest update of my fitness journey up because there are 3 very important parts to my success so far that are pictured here. I've found you need support, inspiration, and to remain realistic when chasing your fitness goals.
Support from my beautiful wife who's full of encouragement.
Inspiration from my daughter who is my world, batsh*t crazy and so full of energy, she keeps me on my toes and I want to make sure I'm always able to keep up.
Reality: Fish and Chips, my treat this week. Because it's important to reward yourself for a week full of hard work, good eating, and great fitness sessions!
Bring on next week!



Week Five

It’s starting to creep into my mind and I love it! I have always had an issue with food, big serves and grubby food! Good luck getting a hold of anything at a party if I am at the table, or the cheeseboard, or the stove.. NOM! As the weight comes off and the fitness increases so too does the effect the feeling has on every other aspect of your life. I’ve noticed a change in my habits around eating because I’m increasingly aware of not wanting to stuff up the good work I’m doing. It’s even more apparent after a session. In the morning before the sesh I’ll have a banana just to get going, and after the session I’m leaving the bacon and eggs behind for fruit and yoghurt, or avocado on toast – and I’m loving it! I can feel my body physically pushing me away from the heavy stuff and it’s great!

Week Four

“How my washing machine is helping to keep me fit”

So we’re past the half way point in the current season of the HBF fitness sessions and I’m getting a pretty good idea of what it takes to maintain the levels of fitness I’m working hard to achieve during the sessions at the park. My only problem is that because of my work schedule (I don’t get off the air weekdays until after 7) I can’t make the during the week session – sometimes that can be tough for motivation, until I came across a genius idea! You see I need quirky things to motivate me into doing things like exercise. More often than not, the exercise is actually a by-product of wanting to really do something else. Maybe listen to a podcast series, or new album on my iPod, or even audio books about strategy for the games I’m playing or the business I’m working on.

This time around the quirky thought came from something pretty basic, but it’s a good tip for most people. We all have to do washing right? I have a standard washing cycle that is exactly the amount of time it takes to knock out a good fitness session, including the pre-stretching and the cool down. My mix cycle goes for 1 hour and 1 minute with a nice little ding at the end – check your washer to see if it has the same. Toss on a load of towels making sure you have your exercise area set up and ready within earshot and the moment you hit ‘start’ jog on over and get stuck in. Hammer out that session until you hear the ding at the end of the cycle. You’ve just knocked off a load of washing and a work out at the same time! BOOM! Next week I’ll tell you a funny story about how my trainer said I can incorporate my daughter into the workout.

Week Three

Week 3 – GG!

GG is a term used by gamers, it means ‘good game’, and symbolises the recognition that regardless of whether you win or lose, you achieved something through playing. So GG week 3, because I’m not setting the world on fire, but damn do I feel like I achieved something! I also met Rob. Rob was another bloke who was just there training, and this time around we had to partner up. I felt like I was at school again waiting for all of the pairs to move on so I could see who was left to join up with, Rob was it and if just getting fit isn’t a good enough reason to get stuck into these sessions, then I can tell you meeting stranger like Rob is the next best thing! So I’m getting fit and making friends – I can’t give you a reason NOT to be doing these sessions, so see you at the next one, you can join Rob and I for some #fitspo


Week Two

So it's week 2 and I'm determined to not let myself down even though I'm out of Perth for the weekend.. on holiday.. at a wedding - these are the sort of weekends that can really throw a spanner in the works of a good fitness routine! It has made one thing apparent about these fitness sessions though, considering that this is my second season and it's all done using your own body weight I've learnt some amazing techniques that do everything I need them to and are thankfully just me, myself, and I. That's one other great thing I've never thought about before - these sessions have taught me how to do my own session in a way. It's all about motivation and a little bit of will power too. I've often heard that 90% of fitness is eating which has been a killer for me in the past because 90% of the time I like to eat..

Even though I'm in Adelaide and away from the sessions for a weekend it's not going to stop me participating in my own way so I don't lose track of my progression. The other thing about these wedding weekends is that it gives you an opportunity to see how far you have come. My wife loves a couple's selfie, check these out. The one above is from a few years ago, the one below is from the weekend - feeling so much better about myself.. shout out to the wifey too - 10/10 😉




Week One

It’s a new season of HBF fitness classes and I’m pumped.. because I let myself go over the break since last season :/

I’ve learnt so much through that initial HBF fitness journey, so I’ve managed to keep the 8kg’s off that I lost last time through better eating but after my first session back on Saturday I can tell that I didn’t do enough to keep my actual fitness up! Steep learning curve and felt a little bad, last season I finished in advanced having come from beginner, and I could do shuttle bear crawls (those who know what they are know they are the devil! If you don’t know, don’t go looking, it’ll give you nightmares haha) – I tried starting where I’d left off but after 2 minutes in advanced I was cooked! Stoked to say though that having kept the weight off and obviously having finished the last season at really good fitness levels has done something because even though I couldn’t restart in advanced, I only had to drop to intermediate and I ran out the session well.

I’m pumped to get back to my fitness level from last season, and considering I’m ahead already – hopefully even further! See you at the next sesh!