Pete Spent An Emotional Hour In An Ambulance "Ride Along"

Must see ahead of Easter

In the lead-up to Easter, traditionally one of the busiest, if not the busiest times of the year for our Ambulance drivers, Pete got the opportunity to spend an hour "riding along" in a St John Ambulance.

Eye-opening isn't even the word.

It started with Jason, our awesome driver, explaining what everything within the vehicle does.


We then took off and Jason explained just how busy this weekend is.


The conversation turned very quickly to what is increasingly becoming the scourge of drivers on WA roads... texting.


After a little bit of driving around, we got a call. We were off to a job. The job was eventually stood down, but for a couple of minutes, we endured the adrenalin rush that comes with the sirens blaring.

It also gave us the chance to see just how poorly some people react and adapt to the change in traffic situation. Hopefully this video is a stark reminder on how important it is to quickly, and calmly, give way to an emergency vehicle when required.


And that was that... an hour long emotional roller coaster. We can't thank Jason enough for enlightening us on the amazing job that he, and so many emergency workers, do each job to serve the community.



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Written by: @dantheinternut