Pete's Road To Fitness With HBF Fitness

Track his progress!

Pete's Road To Fitness With HBF Fitness

Pete is undergoing a new challenge for 2017! He's getting his health on track and thanks to HBF Fitness, they're making it happen!

Be sure to track his progress here!

You can also join the HBF Fitness sessions and if you're a HBF member it's free! 

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Wrap Up

It's all over for my fitness blog at BUT I'm nowhere near done so keep following the journey on my socials (petemix94.5), in this for the long haul!

We're in break for the HBF Health fitness sessions, they're back on this Saturday and I cannot wait! Because....progress people!! I'm a month into the 12 week program through HBF and between the dietician, training, exercise physiology, and check-ups I can see how everything comes together to produce results!

Pro - tip: my biggest struggle is food and staying motivated, letting little excuses stop me...if it's the same for you, track your progress so you have something to look at! It's keeping me focused and it's a small thing that's working in a big way for me!

Set realistic goals, through the pro's in the 12 week program I've learnt baby steps are the best waway, you don't need to train yourself ragged, just be consistent with eating and training, quality not quantity. 

See you at the fitness sessions this weekend!! You can still register to join 

Week Six


As part of the HBF Fitness stuff I've been doing I'm also using some of the other services. There's a 12 week plan with Friendlies Pharmacy and I had my first session during the week.. they say it's always good to write things down and that's true for fitness too, this is the first time I've ever seen these figures written down in front of me and it's a great start to getting into my own head and working out why I've never been able to shed the weight, something about seeing numbers in front of you just makes everything hit home a bit harder.. had my second intermediate session yesterday too, got through it, woke up today feeling a little less sore and a little more fit! 

Week Five


You may have seen over at my Instagram dadblog @daddy_dressed_me I mentioned that regardless of what a night my daughter Mila conjures up I’m determined to not miss another fitness session, and I didn’t. She had another rough night of sleep but I went anyway and I stepped it up and went to the intermediate class. I was a little nervous (and dog-tired) but I persevered and got to the end of the session.. So many times I had to take a break just to compose myself, recover a little, and get straight back in and at the end of the session I went up to the trainer and shook his hand, he asked me how I felt and I said ‘mate, you wrecked me’ to which he replied ‘no, you wrecked you, it was so good to see you take a breath when you needed but keep on going, that’s what this is all about, not about who’s stronger, or faster, or who goes harder, but simply you bringing your best every week and beating what you did the week before’ – these sessions make me feel so good about myself, but this just proved to me again that you’re in the hands of great trainers who are so incredibly supportive! I need to supplement my training with something during the week so I’m going to check out what else is on offer and see how they can help – will report back!

Week Four


So Mila and I needed to have a little heart to heart so we could discuss last weekend’s late night antics! She decided she wanted to stay up from about 10pm Friday night to about 4am Saturday morning – she was one glowstick short of a rave party! Anyway we had our little d&m but it didn’t fill me with a lot of confidence.. Part of the struggle of parenting is being able to lift after the harder nights, like war; you sleep when you can… last weekend was a great lesson though in just how much of a difference these fitness sessions are making for me, I didn’t go because of the hard night with bubba, and all the following week I was feeling like I was missing it and missing the feeling like I’d achieved something (sure you may think I’ve achieved enough with having a baby etc and you may be right) – there is a different level of achievement you feel after some hard work for your own benefit, these sessions are doing great things for my mind as well as body so I’m determined no matter what happens this Friday night, how many RnB classics DJ Mila wants to spin and whatever time she goes to bed, I’m going to the HBF session, and I’m taking it up a notch…

Week Three


Week three and I’ve just finished another session! Feeling really good about how far I’ve come, a little more trim, a little fitter and I’m finding that I can get through a whole beginner session at full effort rather than the first couple of weeks where I was holding back a bit to conserve myself a little just to make it to the end of the sessions without passing out! My wife has been doing the sessions with me, it’s been 8 months since she had our daughter Mila and she blows me away, so my goal in session 3 was just to be able to keep up with her.. ALMOST DID so I reckon I’ll give it one more week at beginner level and then hit the intermediate sessions for a try! Wish me luck...

Week Two


Pete says, "Just finished the first HBF fitness session! I’m impressed, in all honesty my expectations were low, not because of HBF, but because of what usually happens with companies who throw in a ‘free fitness session or free something or other’, it’s usually a half-assed effort just to say they’re doing something. I can genuinely say this is NOT the case with the HBF fitness sessions, the trainers are great, they balance pushing you with understanding where you’re at in your fitness level very well. I felt comfortable finding my rhythm, whilst also feeling encouraged to push myself. I’ve gotten to the end of it feeling absolutely buggered, but it’s that ‘I’ve achieved something here’ buggered so it’s a good feeling. Special thanks to the HBF reps who also looked after Mila (my daughter) while my wife and I both did the session!"

Week One


Pete says, "Well we’re about to kick off our fitness journey with HBF and I’m a bit nervous because I’ve been out of the fitness scene for a little while so I don’t know how I’m going to go. My daughter Mila who you can see in the vid is my big reason for doing this because I want to keep up with her as she gets older. As it is it’s a struggle with sleepless nights and balancing work and life while looking after a bubba, but it’s worth it just to see her smile. But this is the first step to being a part of a future where I can balance everything because my health is where it needs to be. I’m also less half a thyroid now so my doctor recommends I keep my fitness up. Wish me luck!"